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Oshawa Skating Club

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Non-Member Fees (OSC and Skate Canada):

Non-members to the Oshawa Skating Club and non-members to Skate Canada have registration fees that are part of the registration process.  For new members joining there is an annual OSC administration fee of $47.30, as well as a Skate Canada registration fee of $32.70 and Safe Sport fee of $3 that is to be paid when registering.  Once paid these fees are valid from September 1 to August 31 of the registration year.  For those who are already registered members of Skate Canada and who wish to skate with the OSC then only the OSC admin fee of $47.30 applies. 

Refund Policy:

Refunds are given for medical reasons (with a Doctor's note) and relocation (i.e. too far to drive).  All refunds must be approved by the board.  The following fees will NOT be refunded (OSC $80 and the fundraising fee $40.  Also, the refund will be less any sessions already skated.  Please click here for a mandatory refund request form.  All forms will be reviewed at the next scheduled board meeting.

Change of Session Policy

A $10 administration fee will be charged for a change of session.  This excludes changes due to passed tests or stages.  


Guest Skating Fees

Guest skating fees are $22.00 for OSC members and $30.00 for Out of Club members.  Please contact our Members Rep for guest skating requests.  Requests must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the requested skating date and time.  E-mail:

Extra Session Booklets

Oshawa Skating Club is offering Extra Session Booklets for $180 (members) and $230 (non-members) that entitle skaters to 10 sessions.  This allows skaters to skate on qualified sessions that they do not normally skate on. Did not register for Monday nights? Simply buy an Extra Session Booklet and skate up to 10 Monday sessions.

Extra Session Booklets are now available. Please contact our Registrar at to request a booklet. A tear off portion of the booklet will need to be handed in prior to skating on each session.  All existing session requirements must still be met. The Extra Session Booklets must be paid for in full at time of purchase and will expire at the end of spring session. Unused sessions will not be refunded.  

How do I Pay....


Paying By Credit Card

Payments can be made by Credit Card VIA PayPal.  Please click the above button and input the amount owing and continue to payment.  Thank you. 

Paying by Cheque or Money Order

Make cheques or money orders payable to the Oshawa Skating Club.

Paying in Installments

Payments may be made by installment for some programs. Follow the guidelines provided below for your session.


Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate:

        For half-year programs (October to December and January to March), installments are not available and the total fee is due at registration.

      For full-year registrations (October to March): fees may be paid in two cheques, each of one-half the invoice amount, dated October 1 and November 1.


     StarSkate, Sessions A, B, C, and D

       All fees must be paid as of February 1. To calculate your installment payments, please follow these steps:

1.      Add up your individual session costs. Divide by 6. This is your monthly payment amount which is due by the 1stof the month beginning September 1st and ending February 1st.
2.      Add the Membership, Fundraising and Skate Canada Fee of $120 to your first payment.



a)      Change to be Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – Calculations
b)      Total invoice amount is $1518
c)      Session cost is $1398
d)      Calculation –change to be $1398 / 6 = $233
e)      $353 –September 1 ($233 + $120)

          $233 –October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1


Important Note:

Payment for your skater’s sessions is due prior to their first session. Skaters with outstanding balances will be considered “not in good standing” and will not be allowed to skate on OSC sessions, and will not be given permission to test or compete until ice fees are up to date. Overdue accounts will be charged interest at a rate of 2% per month.


NSF cheques will generate a fee of $25 that must be paid immediately along with the replacement payment.

Registration Information

For online registration, please visit Uplifter -> Click Here

If you would prefer, we have a hard copy registration form that can be printed, filled out, scanned and emailed to our Registrar. We also offer in-person registration during the operating season when we are at the rink (please refer to dates and times posted on our website for availability). Of course, feel free to contact us anytime by email!

Registration Forms (PDF) - Learn to Skate , StarSkate

Questions about registration? Contact

Registration Information
The City of Oshawa requires each organization to submit registration information along with ice applications each spring. City staff use this information to validate numbers so the number of ice hours assigned to our organization can be determined. Staff also use this information to determine non-residency use of Oshawa facilities. All information will be kept strictly confidential. City staff will destroy this information according to the municipal file retention by-law.  We are required to post or make available the ‘Notice of Intent’ as per the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario’s ruling.