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Our Coaches.....

We at the Oshawa Skating Club are very proud of our Professional Coaches. We have a variety of coaches and believe we have a coach that will suit your skater.  Picking a private coach can be quite overwhelming to newer parents and skaters. 

Below you will find a list of our Coaches.  If you click on their name their resume will open up where you can read about each coach in turn.  Each coach differs in their rates, years of experience and qualifications.

As a new skating parent this may still be quite overwhelming so we recommend that you talk to your child.  They meet many of our coaches on their sessions.  They will more than likely know which coach(es) they really like or enjoy learning from.  Your skater is the one working directly with the coach so it often works best if they have a comfort level already established.  Once you and your child pick a coach you can contact them via the information on their resume or you can click on their email below and message them directly. You can also approach your coach of choice at the arena.

Our Coaches are bound to respect parents and skaters, which means you MUST approach them about private lessons and you MUST start the conversation about private lessons. Skate Canada and our Club want a pressure free atmosphere, meaning the choice is yours which coach you choose and when you choose them.

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