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What is the Learn to Skate for Hockey program?

Our Learn to Skate for Hockey program is for skaters who have completed Stage 4 of the CanSkate Program or who are recommended by a coach.

Skaters will complete their CanSkate badges with an emphasis on skills that are important for hockey players.  Skaters will focus on forward and backward skills, edges, turning, stopping, crossovers and increasing their stride.


Where and When does it run?

Our Learn to Skate for Hockey session runs from 6:15-7:05 on Monday evenings at Campus Ice Centre Pad 2.


What should my skater wear?

Hockey skaters may feel most comfortable in their hockey gear, however full hockey equipment is not required.  Splash pants and a light jacket layered over a shirt are recommended as well.  Skaters must wear hockey skates and helmets are required until the skaters complete Stage 5.  Sticks are not permitted.  Please note we use permanent markers to draw our circuits on the ice, so we recommend you wear dark older clothing.


Who teaches the program?

The Learn to Skate for Hockey program is taught by Professional Coaches who are assisted by trained Program Assistants (older club skaters).


How Does a Typical Session Run?

When you first arrive at the arena, please check in at the ‘Welcome Table’.  There you will find your skater’s name tag, indicating which group your child is in.  From there you can proceed to the dressing room to put on your skates and helmet.  All skaters then line up at the entrance door to the ice surface.  The skaters will be greeted at the ice surface door and directed to follow a Coach and Program Assistants in the warm up.  At this time parents can watch from the arena seating or the warmer lobby area.  No parents will be permitted in the players/penalty boxes. 

After the warm up, the skaters will break up into their coloured groups.  The skaters rotate to different stations on the ice to work with different coaches on different skills.  The skaters are taught and review their skills on circuits.  There is also a ‘Fast Track’ around the perimeter of the ice where skaters work on their speed.   The session concludes with a group activity and cool down.

At the completion of the 50 minute session, the skaters will be brought back to the same door they came on at to meet their parents.  Once the skaters have their skates off, they should return their nametag to the ‘Welcome Table’ where they will receive their reward for that great day of skating!


How are ribbons and badges earned?

The Learn to Skate for Hockey program continues with the CanSkate curriculum and is organized into six progressive stages of learning. Each stage is broken down into three Fundamental Areas:
• Balance: Concentrating on forward skills, pushing technique, and edges
• Control: Concentrating on backwards skills, stopping and speed elements
• Agility: Concentrating on turning and jumping skills
The awards consist of:
• Three Fundamental Area ribbons for each stage
• Six stage badges
To pass a stage badge skaters must achieve all Fundamental Area ribbons (Balance, Control and Agility) from the corresponding stage.  The skill requirements for each Fundamental Area are indicated on the report card.

How long does it take to complete the Learn to Skate for Hockey program?

Every skater is different and all skaters progress at different rates.  It often depends on the age of the skater, and readiness to participate in the program. 


How do I get a Private lesson?

Learn to Skate for Hockey is a group lesson program.  If you wish to get private lessons in addition to your Learn to Skate for Hockey session, we offer a PLB (Private Lessons for Beginners) session.  There are additional fees for this extra session.  You and your skater decide which coach you would like to book your private lesson with – the list of coaches is on the website.  You must contact your coach directly to book lessons.  Typically during the PLB session a skater would book a 15 minute lesson and then practice for the additional time on their own.  Some coaches offer semi-private lessons as well.



If you have any questions during the session, please come to the Welcome Table and they will answer your question or refer to you someone who can!  The Coordinators will be available before or after the session to answer questions as well, or you can send them an e-mail –